In pursuit of quality excellence


Shri Bhavani manufactures a wide range of Pharmaceutical formulations at its independent, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where an independent quality control department and Quality Assurance department with full fledged Microbiology department are maintained.

All plant, machineries and accessories coming in contact with the product are made up of SS 316 quality. Non-Reactive materials like silicon tubings are used for production and to transfer the solution The manufacturing vessel is jacketed stainless steel vessel which is PLC operated and equipped with magnetic stirrer and load cell. The prepared solution is filtered through 293mm membrane holder/capsule filters from filtration vessel to filling vessel by pre filtration and fine filtration to achieve the desired quality. Ampoule filling and sealing process is carried out through automated ampoule washing, depyrogenating tunnel and filling machine. 100% visual inspection of the ampoules are carried out manually, under white/black Illuminated (more than 2000 Lux ) background. The inspected ampoules are subsequently labeled and packed using off-line coded packing materials.

The company is comprised of educated professionals in their respective departments such as Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Mentenance, HR and Marketing. An all inclusive and comprehensive product quality is surely promised and is tested thoroughly at different stages like procurement, production, packing and distribution. The company has an in house quality control department, which has modern testing facilities for quality and hygienic packaging. The company since the time of its inception has been constantly striving to provide technological superiority, high quality products at best competitive prices.

Highest priority is given to quality control factor and adequate precautions are taken to ensure that there are no lapses on the production front.

Our plant embraces GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards including WHO GMP norms laid down by the World Health Organization and cGMP norms laid down in the "Revised Schedule M" by the Drug Controller (General) India, Ministry of Health, and Government of India.

  • Dispensing of materials in seperate dispensing room under an SS reverse laminar flow.
  • Separate air-handling units for every production department, with classified filtration as per CGMP norms.
  • Well equipped Quality Control Laboratory with modular furniture including H.P.L.C., UV Spectrophotometer, KF Autotitrator, Microbiology & Sterility area under class 10,000.
  • Water Treatment system with RO(Reverse Osmosis) & EDI (Electron de Ionization) and SS 316L pipeline in loop form with a 5-micron filter and UV lamp for absolute purity of water
  • Multicolumn Distilled water plant with storage & Distribution at through SS316L lines in closed loop. At 80 degree temp.
  • Extensive training and retraining of personnel to ensure they stay current with latest technological developments.
  • Alternative power generation system for uninterrupted production
  • A unidirectional flow of men and materials to promote optimum productivity
  • Accessibility of all utilities and maintenance areas from outside, for additional ease of operation
  • Ample segregated storage for raw materials and packaging materials, with controlled temperature room facilities for raw material, quarantine & furnished goods.
  • Capacity : To manufacture 55 million ampules per year.